In Praise of Paywalls

Or; How I learned to stop skimping and pay for the New Yorker It’s almost been three months since the New Yorker opened its delectable digital pantry to all comers. Billed as a “summer-long-free-for-all”(despite arriving rather haphazardly at the season’s end), the door to a decade’s worth of literary treats was left ajar, a lure … More In Praise of Paywalls

Rebirthing a Monster

“The world was to me a secret which I desired to divine…” Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a curious novel: as half-formed, ill-shaped and yet peppered with brilliance as the Creature itself. It is a rare case where the iconography of its multitude of adaptations and progeny – piling on the electrodes and burning windmills – … More Rebirthing a Monster

A Farewell to Studio Ghibli

Yesterday, statements from Studio Ghibli’s general manager Toshio Suzuki on Japanese television set off a firestorm online lamenting the end of the legendary animation house. What Suzuki actually meant remains unclear – although initial reports in English claimed that the studio was being dissolved outright, subsequent translations (and the absence of a similar pandemonium in … More A Farewell to Studio Ghibli