A Few Words for Trump’s Hard New World

It has been a disorenting, dispiriting month. The ascent of a racist, misogynist reality television star and unrepentant online bully to the US Presidency beggars belief – over three weeks on, and the thought still sends me into mental somersaults. President-elect Trump is not a unique phenomenon. His victory is confirmation that we are entering a brave … More A Few Words for Trump’s Hard New World

2015, the Year in Film

This was the year that the Oscars themselves, rather than the jockeying between films, rocketed to the heart of the cultural conversation. A second straight year of all-white acting nominees sparked the #OscarsSoWhite campaign, raising a clamour that could not be ignored even in the glitzy surrounds of the Dolby Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. … More 2015, the Year in Film

Gone Greek: Lysistrata

Ancient Greek comedies are not performed too often these days. It isn’t for lack of quality; the survivors are packed with absurdist plots, madcap banter and more dick jokes than a whole season of Family Guy. But if good tragedy is universal, good comedy is specific. The political satire and pop culture references that were trending … More Gone Greek: Lysistrata

Review: Spectre

The secret of the Bond franchise’s longevity is not just in the fundamentals – the slick spy, beautiful women, grotesque villains and outrageous stunts. It’s how damn reactionary the series is. Adapting Ian Fleming’s novels went out of vogue in Sean Connery’s day, despite the occasional revival (the second half of Casino Royale) or borrowed title (thanks … More Review: Spectre